There are some pretty awesome BI jobs

I started out my career as a programmer. Why did I become a programmer? To make games of course! This is something everyone knows: Every programmer has a secret (or not so secret) craving to make a game. Now you can get the best of two worlds! Check out these job openings from Riot, makers of League of Legends: 


Reminds me of a Kimball seminar I was on where they talked about how they analyzed game patterns in Call of Duty. 



Blog update

I have started updating the design and structure of the blog so expect things to change around over the next couple of weeks.

I am also working on a couple of larger posts / series on the topics of BI strategy, BI trends and big data. Stay tuned.

Finally, ITCentralStation added a profile in my name  and has “syndicated” some of my posts from this blog. While it is a bit annoying to have my content in more than one place, some interesting comments have been made regarding my Microsoft BI tips series. I will address these in a coming blog update.

SQL Server 2014 product guide available

From a BI perspective I do not see much new stuff except a lot of emphasis on Hadoop (“Big Data”) integration. One interesting thing I noted was that they actually mention PerformancePoint, which they have not talked about in a long time. I had my money on the service being killed or merged into something else like PowerView. Guess I was wrong, in the short term at least. And perhaps columnstore indexes + tabular in directquery mode is something to explore?

Get it here: