SQL Server Analysis Services StressTester Beta 1.1.2

Update: There is an issue with how the test progress is displayed in both the server and client. This is due to the new multithreading support which wreaks havoc with my variables and / or events. This does not affect the execution of the test itself, just the progress report.

Note that I have changed the version scheme to align with the codeplex scheme.

This release fixes some nasty bugs and adds a couple of features:

  • Fixed a bug where the server would crash if clients could not connect to the target.
  • Added tool-tips to most controls.
  • Added a log window to the server that displays server and client activity.
  • Added the option to run multiple threads on clients.
  • Expanded the delay feature so that client threads pause a random number of milliseconds between a low and high value before issuing the next query.
  • Made the server a lot less resource (CPU) intensive.

Note that existing tests (.test) will break with this release. 


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