SQL Server Analysis Services Stress Tester Alpha 2 release

This is the first public release of a tool that started out as a small script for a customer project. It has been rebuilt into a WPF solution loosely following the MMVV pattern.

What is Stress Tester?

  • A distributed client – server solution to stress test SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Tests can be created from trace files or manually in the server application.
  • Consists of two applications: A server that manages and coordinates tests and a client that can be deployed to multiple computers.
  • Outputs a flat file with the test results that can be analyzed through a supplied (very simple) Excel PowerPivot model.

Why would I need it?

  • To test the performance of Analysis Services in a “realistic” scenario where multiple clients concurrently issue queries.

Where can I get it?

Anything I should keep in mind?

  • This is Alpha software meaning bugs and issues are more or less guaranteed to pop up. To make things worse this software was developed by  me – Peter. I am not a professional software developer but love programming as a hobby. 
  • The network code uses synchronous TCP. This means it does not scale very well. I have tested it with ten clients but adding large numbers might slow things down. Moving to async TCP is on the list of future improvements.
  • StressTester is a client – server application where the server remotely controls the actions of the client program. This obviously is a concern security-wise and the solution should not be deployed outside a firewall.

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